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Realestate-Link.com provides a complete spectrum of professional services to fit the unique needs of client relationships throughout Florida.

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The State of Florida is the only State bordered by the Gulf of Mexico and The Atlantic Ocean and has the longest coastline is the contiguous US-1,350 miles. Florida is internationally known for its beauty, excellent climate, culture and world class cities including Miami, Miami-Beach, South Beach, Orlando, and Tampa, Naples and other cities. Including world renowned attractions such as Disney World, Universal, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Lego Land and many more outstanding entertainment venues. Florida hosts internationally recognized sporting venues including: golf, tennis, auto racing, football, basketball, soccer, fishing and more. Florida is one of the most tourist intensive States with an estimated 23,000,000 visitors per year. Numerous famous actors, professional athletes, successful entrepreneurs, artists and creators reside in all regions of Florida. Florida has an astounding 14 major airports.

Florida’s economy and business climate is very large and diverse. Including tourism, recreation, entertainment, active retirement communities, agriculture, transportation, world class attractions & amusement parks, Kennedy Space Center and many Fortune 100 and 500 companies.
Our firm has a wide range of specific opportunities throughout Florida.

We look forward to establishing a relationship with you to share our knowledge, experience passion and desire to accomplish your goal, and exceed your expectations, whether buying or selling Florida property.

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