About Us

RealEstate-link is a full-service Florida brokerage firm specializing in select opportunities and targeted personalized solutions for our clients and relationships.

RealEstate-Link offers complete Florida coverage with localized town, village, district, city or region knowledge, experience, and relationships.   Strategic statewide, national and international ties coupled with our diversity and knowledge and experience provides for global resources and reach that are localized to the best opportunities.  We are very proud to have maintained relationships with developers, buyers, and sellers for decades with great success and an excellent reputation.  We bond with our clients on common goals and establish a trusted working relationship producing results.  We will continue to outperform our competition.  RealEstate-Link and its principal have been involved in every type of commercial and residential transactions for our clients.

We seek trusted relationships with the goal of exceeding expectations.  We provide solutions and results for our relationships –whether on the buy or sell side of any type of real estate.  We have unique opportunities in the Florida markets and will advance such to our relationships as it is appropriate.  We sift through the marketplace for excellent opportunities for our client/relationships. Sign up to be on our mailing list and newsletter for important Florida real estate information and updates.

Our relationship-based professional services provide our clients with an extensive understanding of the marketplace and specific opportunities.

We are not a window search print or save  “client search on your own” firm.

The Florida real-estate market is vast, diversified, very active and risky.   Florida is the nation’s third most populous state, 20 million people,  and 8th most densely populated.  Florida has the longest coastline in the contiguous United States.

Our firm maintains developer and community relationships, data & knowledge in every region in the State of Florida for the benefit our client base.

We are active in all major Florida markets: Comprised of the Southeast, Southwest, Central, Northeast and Northwest regions of  Florida.  Links to geographic regions and specific cities districts communities or specific opportunities are provided in this website for further geographic and local information.

Florida is one of the top, consistently highly ranked by many authoritative sources, places to live in the US.   Beaches that are constantly ranked among the best in the country, world-class shopping that includes an abundance of specialty boutiques and galleries and resort hotels rated among the best in the U.S. and World.  Offering a lifestyle including golf, tennis, every water sport you can imagine, professional sports-football, basketball, car, and horse racing—all is available and active in Florida.

Our firm has a wide range of specific opportunities throughout Florida.  We look forward to establishing a relationship with you to share our  knowledge, experience passion and desire to accomplish your goal, and exceed your expectations, whether buying or selling Florida property.

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RealEstate-link.com has the knowledge, experience passion and desire to accomplish your goal, and exceed your expectations, whether buying or selling Florida property.

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